Hey guys! In early November I was in NYC to receive a leadership award from The Wall Street Journal and Capella University.  In my work as a consultant,half of my job is to inspire the team that positive change can and will happen.  It was great to be honored for […]

Wall Street Journal Leadership Award

Get the Mental Muscle to Get Your Dreams DONE! Ready to boost your confidence, overcome doubt, get your groove back to walk out the prosperous, productive life that you were created to live? From time to time, I have to go back into the vault and pull out an oldie but […]

Become a Doubt Killer

Hey guys, Today (9/20/17) is my birthday.  For the last few years, on my birthday, I assess my life, and plan what I want to do for the year. I actually do this every year. The first time I did it, I was shocked…. I realized who I THOUGHT I […]

Are You Who You Think You Are?

If you guys need a quick boost in getting more cause focused people to connect and donate online, this video should help.  Click here to view. I am doing a free video series this week to answer some tough development challenges. The videos are only a few minutes, but pack […]

24/7 Fundraising… That’s Stress Free?

These days, having a business card is no longer the best way to share your business or personal brand. Websites are not just for work or business anymore. Everyone should have a personal branding website (much like the one you are looking at). It doesn’t have to be super fancy […]

What happens when you get Googled?

For everyone over the years, who’s told me that you’ve always wanted to get into broadcasting, here’s your chance! And, to the podcaster who is creating great content, but hasn’t gotten the audience or sponsors that you’ve dreamed of…. this is for you, too! I’ve scaled the broadcasting content that […]

Podcast for Profit Academy

  Want an amazing mini-course to help boost your confidence? Want to increase your sizzle when meeting with your boss, new clients, prospects, job interviewers, friends and the potential someone special? Of course you do! CAMP CRUSH IT! does that – and so much more.   Boost your self-value to overcome […]

Get Confidence that Crushes… in 5 days!

Hey guys, As some of you know 2016 was a busy year for me. But, the magic really happened in 2015. That was when I decided to begin “designing” my life. It’s a great plan that works for everyday people and I’m freely sharing what I did, with you! Sounds good […]

Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever