What Happens When You Get Googled?

These days, having a business card is no longer the best way to share your business or personal brand. Websites are not just for work or business anymore.

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Everyone should have a personal branding website (much like the one you are looking at). It doesn’t have to be super fancy or full of content, but it should show the good stuff that you have done, and are capable of.

Start with a super sentence that tells what your claim to fame is. If you are an accountant; James Green – Making Numbers Tell The Real Story  is a great tagline.  You want something that relates to you, is comical and shows that you are a pro!

Of course you can add your resume, some great videos or photos.  Not too many family photos, this is not your facebook page.  This is the page that shows what you do, who you are, and why someone should contact you ASAP!

I have my website at Bluehost, and they have great customer service, and your domain comes free with your website. Best thing,  I’m partnering with them.  Use this affiliate link and get hosting and a  free domain for only $3.95 a month. That’s less than $50 and you are done.

Having a bit of control over what pops up will do wonders for your next job search, or just to make sure that there is something else under your name, other than cat photos!

Need help setting things up? Schedule a 1 on 1 with me or my staff, to walk you through the proccess.  Or, ask  a teenager!

Success to you!